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Old Games, Patched

Old single player games that have been reworked and patched to work on newer systems.

Daggerfall Unity

Download Daggerfall | Daggerfall Unity Homepage

The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall was released in 1996 and is the only Elder Scrolls game ever made. Thank god.

Bethesda re-released the game as freeware back in 2009, and thanks to DOSbox the game runs just fine on modern consoles. I've linked the GOG release of the game above, as it comes bundled with DOSbox for a quick setup. If you love the aesthetic of old web or old games, PLAY DAGGERFALL! I've encountered soo many assets from this game scrolling through gifcities, this game had a grip on netizens of the 90's.

Daggerfall Unity is a community-made recreation of the game made in the Unity Engine. It's feature-complete and ready to kick your ass. It runs buttery smoothe, and has an active modding-community with some pretty expansive mods.

To play Daggerfall Unity, grab the latest version from github. You'll need Daggerfall's game files, so make sure you've downloaded the original game first.

Diablo: Tchernobog

Tchernobog Mod Landing Page | Download Diablo from

Diablo and it's sequal are two forever games for me, which just means i've played them my entire life and will probably keep playing them for the remainder.

Diablo: Tchernobog takes the original game from 1997 and makes it not only fully playable on newer systems, but also adds a wealth of content in the form of new areas, classes, skills, and items.

It's still in active development as of writing this, and is listed as "early developer Alpha", but it can still be downloaded and is very playable. The "Diablo 1 HD Mod" can also be downloaded from the same website; an earlier version of the project that is less buggy and features less additional content

To play Diablo: Tchernobog, you'll need to acquire a copy of the original Diablo game files, then add the Tchernobog patch files to the installation folder.


Resources and downloads from my bookmarks, and some other miscellaneous links.

Vimm's Lair: A large repository of old consoles and games pre-2010. Emulation Lair contains console emulator downloads, and The Vault is where you find a huge selection of old games. For any issues regarding emulators, see the Emulation General Wiki (linked below) for work arounds or alternatives.

MyAbandonware: A bunch of games that have been abandoned by their developers/publishers. Fun to browse even if the games themselves aren't always functional anymore. Download a few and try your luck! An amazing resource all around, soo much can be found here. has a few collections of downloadable titles, but these aren't comprehensive of everything available on the site. Remember this site the next time you think of an old obscure game you used to play, you might be able to find it here.

MS-DOS collection | CD-ROM collection | Internet Arcade

Emulation General Wiki: Contains information and download links for just about any gaming console emulator you can think of.

flashpoint: Tons and tons of old flash games from around the web! It comes as a launcher so everything's in one place. You can can curate lists of your favorite games and view others which makes it so easy to pick up & play.

How To Play The Sims 1 On Windows 7-11
by badgraph1csghost

Petz 3/4/5 Installation Guide by mazzew Doll Makers: classic old web drag & drop dollmakers. If you're interested in creating your own dollmaker on your site, inspecting the element here gives you a good idea how to go about that!

Old MMOs, Revived

A selection of MMOs that have shut down and since been resurrected by their respective communities.

EverQuest: Project 1999

Project 1999 Landing Page | Download EverQuest: Titanium Edition on

EverQuest can still be played officially on Steam, but is very different now than it was on release. Project 1999 is a free private server that emulates the experience of playing EverQuest in its original form. There are no paywalls, making the game feel a lot more expansive than the Free to Play official version.

The player base is very welcoming and helpful. Many people who played back in the early 2000's are still around and love to help new players. (from my experiences anyway)

Be warned, this MMO is very unforgiving. Playing solo is an option, but the game was made to be played in a party so the enemies are generally pretty tough. Try to bring a friend with you, or ask around for someone to group up with for the best experience.

To play EverQuest: Project 1999, You need to make an account on the P1999 forums, and acquire a copy of EverQuest: Titianium Edition.

Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst: Ephinea

Ephinea Homepage

The original Phantasy Star Online was a behemoth on release, being the first console MMO released, and one of the first MMOs to really take off in Japan. It only had a 10 year old life span, with servers shutting down in 2010 as Sega was getting ready to release its sequal, Phantasy Star Online 2.

Ephinea is the name of the private server that hosts this new version of the game. There are other private servers for playing PSO, but Ephinea in particular seems keen on updating and enhancing the original game beyond stability patches.

To play Phantasy Star Blue Burst: Ephinea, you'll need to create an account on the server's website, then download the game launcher.

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