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A collection of projects i'm currently working on, as well as some older ones.

All of these are related to each other & take place in the same universe.
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Icon Of The Moon Goddess

RPGMaker MV, In development

I started working on Icon of the Moon Goddess back in May of 2023, hoping for it to be both an entry point for the series (still unnamed lol) and a small project that wasn't too ambitious. Sort of like the first act of a larger story.

In terms of style, I was inspired by old crpgs like Baldur's gate and Diablo. It's being developed in RPGMaker MV, as I don't have much experience with coding.

I've used RPGMaker for over a decade, starting with VX Ace when I was 13. When I develop games now, I try to push the engine to its limits & see what I can achieve without the use of external plugins. (that's not to say I don't use any because the Yanfly plugin collection among others has been sooo incredibly helpful)

Demon Ritual (2021)

RPGMaker MV, Cancelled

Demon Ritual is a project I started in late 2021. It was a 1st person, party-based dungeon crawler set in the ruins of a large temple.

Working on this game was a major learning experience and taught me soo much. I probably wouldn't have taken game design (or art) seriously had I not worked on this.

I was inspired by the dithered-crunchiness of PC98 art and, kinda specific, Might and Magic. I started playing Might and Magic 8 a few months earlier and fell in love with its approuch to the genre.

The project was cancelled about a year later in 2022 when the external hard-drive it was stored on stopped working. I didn't back up the project files like the clown I was, so I was left with only a few screenshots I had shared to tumblr.

Learn from my mistake and back up your super special projects somewhere safe!!!

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