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hi! im Bunnie, a 24 year old elf from the continent of california ^u^ im a 3D artist & digital musician among other things
I started coding this site in early december 2023 after months of seeing other neocities websites and wishing I could make my own. Maybe that's you right now?

This website is my virtual home and i hope you enjoy ur stay :)

i don't have a mission statement or manifesto, read these ones instead:

Bisha's Mission Statement

Yesterweb Manifesto

i hope browsing neocities inspires you to make your own website! If you're interested in starting your own site (not just on neocities), 32-Bit Cafe and MelonKing have some great articles on where to start. For html tutorials, w3schools has been my main resource.


currently feeling: The current mood of 99bunnies at www.imood.com

the internet is feeling: The current mood of the Internet at www.imood.com

my selfsona

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My gender is
ALWAYS!, admirer, alien, angel, babe, bimbo, bisexual, bitch, boy in a skirt, chick, cute, demon, drama queen, dreamer, eyeliner fag, fagette, female-born, feminine, fey, freak, genetic girl, glam fag, glittery, introvert, lady, Miss, Ms., MTF, ma'am, madam, man-loving, misunderstood, natal woman, nerd, oblivious, passing girl, peoplesexual, promiscuous, radical faerie, sensitive, she-bitch, she-geek, strange, survivor, trampy, trans, trans-loving, transexual, transfeminist, tranz, twink, unspecified, wannabe, weird, wench, witch, woman-loving, womyn, YES!
What's yours?


old media (especially films + videogames), recycling trash into art, skateboarding, 4 hour video essays, cropping my t-shirts, journaling.


lustsickpuppy, SOPHIE, 100 gecs, JACKIE EXTREME, shygirl, Kelela, Chase Icon, Evanora Unlimited, Cecile Believe, LSDXOXO, machinegirl, GFOTY, toxic lipstick, Purfume, bbymutha, mimideath, Laura Les, cobrah, BABYNYMPH, deli girls, ML butch, cartier god, Yaeji, basside, LVL1, Alice Glass, girl_irl, KREAYSHAWN, boy harsher, Frost Children, KFC murder chicks, vze, filmmaker, Peggy Gou, memo boy, The Hellp, Millionaires, Malice K, SPELLING, Panchiko, Yves Tumor, Peaches, Kate Bush, Fiona Apple, Britney Spears, knife wife, boy romeo, Lake, kittie, Portishead, bis, the moldy peaches, babes in toyland, Slant 6, the third sex, 7 year bitch, bangs, heavens to betsy, Tame Impala, fugazi, Yoshiko Sai, Sade, Cibbo Matto, Morcheeba, Utada Hikaru

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